Friday, March 23, 2012

Generation 1.1: Perfect

To Celebrate their aging up into adults decided to celebrate the night before Kevin started his new job as firefighter.
"So I've been thinking... What if you moved in with me?" Kevin said.
"What?" Lana asked.
"Well that apartment you guys have in the city is so small. I know Peter just moved out but don't you think it's kind of crowded with your dad, your step-mom, the triplets and the new baby..." Kevin said
"i get your point Kevin..."
"I have 4 guest rooms just waiting to be used and I would be more than willing to add on to the basement to build a science lab for you we could put everything you need in it..."
"Whoa slow down Kevin I'll do it" Lana said.
"You will?" Kevin said
"I will" Lana replied
 Kevin woke up for work the next morning to find Lana in bed next to him. wow that really happened he thought I'd never even kissed her before last night. Kevin got up really quietly he didn't want to wake her up.
But when he returned from his shower to put on his uniform Lana was already up.
"Be safe please" She begged him trying not to let on how afraid she was of losing him.
"I'll be fine don't worry" Kevin reassured her seeing straight through her. But he didn't push away when Lana grabbed hold of him and kissed him like it was the last time she'd ever see him.
 Except what Lana didn't know was that Kevin did not go to work instead he met her father downtown to ask him a very important question.
When Kevin got home he pulled Lana close and said, "There's an acrobat coming to town tonight we should go check it out."
"OK" Lana said.
While they were there Kevin got down on one knee and proposed to Lana.
"Lana, I love you. Will you marry me?" Kevin never was one for words.
"Of course." Lana said
Both of them thought back to when they were to scared to even kiss each other as they started to kiss right then.

In the few days after Lana and Kevin became engaged. Kevin's father passed away. Lana was trying to keep Kevin focused on the wedding hoping that it would keep Kevin's mind off things. However, Lana knew that Kevin's mother's time could be drawing to a close as well Lana had a suggestion
"Kevin, I've been thinking... I know the wedding is not that far away but with our wedding this weekend and graduation I think it might be a little much so I was thinking we should move it up a few days. everything's ready. "
"You know what Lana? i think this whole family could use a little celebration right now. Tomorrow night we get married!" Kevin said.

 The next day Kevin and Lana went to the park and were married.
 Not long after they were married Kevin's mother passed away. Lana and Kevin's birthday's were also quickly  approaching.
"So your birthday is coming up," Kevin told Lana as the left the house for a walk one night " What would you like?"
"I don't know..." Lana said."What about you? Your birthday is coming up soon to what do you want."
"I was thinking... but you can say no... what about a baby?" Kevin said smiling at his wife.
"A baby...I think i could work on that." Lana said smiling right back at her husband.

"Do you like him?" Kevin asked.
"I love him he's so cute." Lana said.
"I know you said you didn't want anything for your birthday but I saw him at the shelter the other day when I was giving a lecture on fire safety with animals and I just thought he was too cute" Kevin said.
"He's perfect Kevin!" Lana said

Lana had bought a pregnancy test the night before Kevin's birthday. She woke up early the next morning to take the test. After she got the results she hid the pregnancy test and went to sit out by the pool until Kevin woke up.
"You scared me! I woke up and you weren't there!" Kevin said.
"I had some pre-birthday business to take care of ." Lana said "I wanted to make sure I could give you your birthday present. I'm pregnant!" Lana said unable to contain her excitement.
"That's fantastic." Kevin said picking her up and spinning her around before quickly putting her down " Oh no I shouldn't have done that... are you OK?"
"I'm fantastic!" Lana said just enjoying the moment.
 It wasn't long before Kevin had to take Lana out shopping for some new clothes After they got home they decided to enjoy some time on the patio.
"How do you like your new dress Lana?" Kevin asked.
"I love it thank you so much for buying it for me! But, I have something else I want to ask you..I know this house is really big and perfect with a swimming pool and a backyard and all this really fancy stuff...but I feel like it's so your parents with all the big flashy rock star stuff.... I don't feel like it's us... so I was wondering if you would be open to moving...and I mean like really moving... Like out of storybrook moving..." Lana said.
"I know what your saying...I've been thinking about that to I mean we have so many extra bedrooms and stuff we never use...but you know that I'm fire chief here and if I apply for a transfer I might not be able to be a fire chief wherever we go."  Kevin said.
"Is that you trying to tell me no?" Lana said.
"No I think it's a good idea to move between the money my parents left us and the money we'll get from selling the house we are pretty much set... I just wanted to know that I don't want to stop working... not yet... and I want you to understand that I won't be able to work from home occasionally like I do now." Kevin said.
"Kevin, It's not like I can't take of the baby and snowy and the house on my own. I'll be fine." Lana said smiling
"OK," Kevin said" "Then lets get house hunting."  

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  1. Challenge notes: I normally wouldn't split one generation into to chapters but with the move it just seemed kind of natural.