Saturday, March 17, 2012

Generation 0.5 The Way I Do.

"I'm so glad we get to spend the whole day together. And I can't wait to see that acrobat tonight I heard she's really good." Kevin said well enjoying some time Lana at the coffee house.
"Kevin, about tonight", Lana said as she turned to look him in the eye, " I got called into work...I'm not going to be able to make it..."
"Your canceling again...." Kevin said. "So what are you going to cancel on prom tomorrow night to?"
"Kevin, No I wouldn't do that prom means just as much to me as it does to you I'm not working tomorrow no matter what" Lana said
"You promise?" Kevin said
"I promise" Lana said
It took everything Kevin had to not lean over and kiss her.
"Did Kevin seam kind of upset to you when he came home after the show last night?" Candace asked her husband.
"He was. Lana had to go into work last night so he ended up going alone." Daryl said before giving his wife a kiss and settling into the seat next to her.
"Oh poor kid." Candace said 'I hope she can still make it to prom."
"I couldn't imagine Lana missing prom she might not be the most popular girl in school but it means to much to her and Kevin for her to miss it. She might not admit it to anyone but I can tell she's falling for him. Daryl said
"And when did you become such an expert in teenage romance?" Candace asked.
"When you used to look at me the same way when we were teenagers."  
The next night was Hanna's birthday as well as Kevin's prom. despite not being the most popular kids in school Kevin and Lana won prom king and queen. They had been together for almost 2 years but they never said they were "dating" that night they decided to make it official.
 Soon Candace and Daryl celebrated a birthday also. But they decided to just spend it together no big birthday parties for them.

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  1. Challenge notes: So this is the end of what I'm going to call generation 0 and the beginning of generation 1!