Saturday, June 9, 2012

Generation 2

Jimmie was just starting to get a few gigs in his signing career when he noticed a pretty girl hanging around the park one day. She was all alone and looked kind of confused...
"Hi" Jimmie started "I'm Jimmie. I don't mean to sound rude but it seams to me that you might be new to town and I was wondering if you needed help with anything?"
"I'm Roseanna and your right I am new in town. I'm here trying to promote the design business I'm trying to start. You wouldn't happen to know anyone looking for a designer would you?"
"Sorry no... but if you want I can plug you during my show tonight?" Jimmie said
"your show... Wait you're the one playing tonight?"
"Yea it's my first show... I'm just here to set up but my parents and aunt are coming for the show later."  Jimmie said.
"You don't mind if I stick around do you?" Roseanna asked.
"Of course not! "
Jimmie had a great first show!

After the show Jimmie and Roseanna went out for pizza to celebrate.
"I know we just met and all but my parents are getting married on Saturday and I was wondering if you would want to go with me?" Jimmie asked
"I guess, I don't know why not?" Roseanna said
"Great"! Jimmie said
2 days before the wedding. Jimmie got a call from Roseanna asking him to meet her at the club.
"Um there's something I need to tell you..." Roseanna started
"What is it?" Jimmie said.
"Well when I moved here... I moved in with a friend because I had just gotten out of a really really bad relationship... but she just got engaged to her boyfriend and even though they said I could stay with them... I really just feel like I should let them have their I was wondering if there was any chance I could move in with you?" Rossana asked.
"Sure you can have my grandparents old room" Jimmie said "We can move you in after the wedding how does that sound?" Jimmie said.
 "perfect thanks!"

Soon Evan and Rosa were married.
Roseanna and Jimmie started spending a lot of time together she went to all his shows usually followed by a night at the clubs. During everyone of his shows Jimmie made sure to mention Roseanna's business at every performance.
During one of his performances Jimmie called Roseanna up on stage and proposed to her. Of course she said yes.
Roseanna and Jimmie had a beautiful wedding!

"The house looks beautiful Roseannna" Jimmie said.
"I still have to finsh the landscaping and the baby's room but it's mostly done." Roseanna said.
"Wait the baby's room?"  Jimmie said.
"I'm pregnant!" Roseanna said.
Jimmie just pulled her close and kissed her.

"Jimmie, were getting close to the point where we can find out the sex of our baby... do we want to know?" Roseanna asked.
"I don't know if I do.... I kind of want a boy but I don't know if I want to know if it is a boy or a girl theres something exciting about not knowing but I'm OK with whatever you want to do."
"Decorating the nursery would be easier if I knew but I don't want to know." 
"Well I think we have a decision then!"
 Roseanna went to one more of Jimmie's concerts while she was pregnant. She was surprised to see a pregnant Rose there as well not much farther along then she was!
A few days later little Natalie Gianna was born.
And before long Natalie was a toddler.
Just before Natalie started school Jimmie and Rosanna welcomed baby Carson Ethan to the family.
 Having an uncle your age can be kind of weird but it comes in handy when you need someone to play with at your baby brothers birthday.

Carson grew up into a handsome toddler and Roseanna discovered she was pregnant again.
The next morning Roseanna heard Jimmie get up early and go downstairs. So she got up and went downstairs to see what was up. As she walked down the stairs she heard crying.
"Jimmie! What;s wrong?" Roseanna said wrapping him in her arms.
"My dad called. My mom passed away last night... She was just at the party last night... she was fine...and then..." Jimmie said.
"Oh Jimmie I'm so sorry..." Roseanna said.
"I want to go spend the day with my brother and my dad but I promised Natalie I'd take her out fishing today..."
"You go be with your family. I'll take Natalie out and talk to her about it."

"Mama where's daddy?" Natalie asked over breakfast
"Natalie, Grandma Rosa died last night so Dad is with Grandpa Evan and Uncle Elias. So he won't be able to take you fishing today. But I'll take you if you want?" Roseanna told Natalie
"I guess that's OK"  Natalie said.
Roseanna took Natalie to the local fishing pond but ended up taking Carson to the playground across the street.

A few days later Ivy Quinn was born.
 And then she was toddler. She looked a lot like Evan.

The family was doing well however Evan was getting older and he had called to ask if Jimmie would take Eilias in for the rest of his child and teen years. They agreed and were trying to figure out how to accommodate there growing family.
The Family soon welcomed 3 new babies to the family.