Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Generation 5

That night Molly sat in her room looking at the pictures she had of her and Darius. Had he really meant that he wanted to marry her someday? Her parents were getting older and it didn't seam like Elijah would be having kids anytime soon... maybe if she had a kid now they would be able to meet at least one of their grandchildren. Elijah wouldn't be happy though... but maybe if she told him it wasn't accident... and they planned it he would be OK. Her parents probably would be better off thinking it was accident....She realized she couldn't think of a reason not to go for it... She got her phone and texted Darius. My house tomorrow 7:30 lets do this.
Darius was right on time the next day.
"Are you sure you want to do this" Darius asked between kisses.
"Yup are you" Molly asked
After they were finished they just laid in Molly's room for the rest of the night. Molly had heard horror stories about people's first times but she couldn't believe how good it felt. Even more she loved the feeling of Darius being right there holding her after the fact.

When the found out it had worked they couldn't have been happier. But now Molly had to tell her family

She stopped at her brother's house on her way back home from a doctors appointment.
"You're pregnant! How could you be so irresponsible I expected more from you!" Elijah yelled at his sister.
"Elijah calm down we did it on purpose me and Darius wanted to get pregnant"
" You wanted to get pregnant! You think that makes what you did any better!"
"Yes because we put thought into we didn't just sleep together and not plan for it we planed for it we made the decision together we weren't stupid irresponsible teenagers! We're both almost young adults anyway! I thought you would be happy about this but your obviously not so I'll just be going now"  As she turned to leave she added " Oh and it's a girl in case you were wondering" Then she walked out the door and cried the whole way home.

When Molly had to tell her parents she was terrified if her brother had acted that way what would her parents say. She was surprised when she was met by happy tears and hugs from her parents.

 Elijah hadn't talked to Molly since she told him she was pregnant. He didn't even call her after Mariah was born. So when he showed up to her birthday party with his new wife Martina she was more then happy.

After her birthday celebration Elijah took Molly out to their favorite bench in the backyard.
"Thank you for coming it means a lot." Molly told him
"yea sure... I'm still not happy about what you did. I still don't like Darius but I refuse to take it out on that poor little girl upstairs. So I'll be here for her birthday tomorrow." Elijah told his sister.
"So even though you have a beautiful niece your still going to chose to be mad at me and Darius"
"I told you. I'm not going to take it out on Mariah." Elijah said as he got up and left.
After Mariah's birthday party. Darius took Molly to the little garden on the beach.
"Why did we leave Mariah at home?" Molly asked when they arrived.
"Because it's Mariah's birthday and I didn't want to steal her thunder." Darius said as he got down on one knee."
"Darius..." Molly started
"Molly Nia Mcnair, I love you. I love our daughter. Before we got pregnant I told you we would get married someday and now I want to make good on what I said. Molly will you marry me?" Darius said
"Oh Darius! Yes!"

Not long after the engagement and right before Darius and Molly graduated. Natalie passed away.
 Mariah was to little to remember everything and with Natalie's recent passing Darius and Molly decided to just get married in the backyard.
Watching Mariah interact with Elijah was not always easy for Molly. He was such a great uncle. Molly just wanted to be more a part of it. She'd never say this aloud but she really missed Elijah.
After Molly put Mariah to bed. Mathew pulled Elijah aside before he left.
"So You're still not tallking to you sister." Matthew said.
"Yea... I don't know I feel like I should still be mad at her but I'm starting to miss her.." Elijah said.
" I don't think you should still be mad at her. I think you never should have been mad at her in the first place. Things like this happen son, and Darius proved more then once that he is a great guy." Matthew said.
"But this wasn't an accident she did this on purpose... they did this on purpose. " Elijah said.
"And that doesn't matter. It didn't matter when it happened what ever they did we're a family. Do an old man a favor and at least think about making up with your sister." Matthew said.

A few days later Molly got a  phone call after some awkwardness Elijah apologized and all was well.
Mariah was the best big sister ever!
 By the time Molly was pregnant with her 5th child she was exhausted.
Not long after her 5th and final little boy was born. Molly and Darius had to say good bye to there only daughter.
They faced a whole new set of emoticons when they watched their youngest off to school.
Then they watched their oldest son head out on his own.
Then their 3rd child. Each child that left Darius and Molly had an easier time dealing with it. They we're happy though when their 4th child Cameron had decided to stay at the house with them.
Then their youngest child left the nest.