Friday, March 16, 2012

Generation 0 Everything's coming up Candace

Candace and Daryl Tobin have just moved into their new apartment.  Candace is looking to become a vocal legend and Daryl is hoping to become a CEO.

Soon Candace and Daryl had a son named Kevin.

Kevin became a child and Candice and Daryl are expecting their second child.
 They moved into a nice big house however they slightly underestimated the budget and started running low on funds...
Now that Candace had reached the top of her career she had more time to spend with herself. She went to the library and picked up a parenting tip book and began to read. She started to feel like she had cheated Kevin out of most of his childhood.
 "Do you think I messed up with Kevin?" Candace asked her husband.
"No not at all why do you say that?"" Daryl asked.
"I was so busy practicing all the time I was pregnant with him and then doing shows and tuoring when he was growing up..."
"I don't think you did anything wrong and you have nothing to worry about when this little girl gets here either," Daryl said putting his hand on his wife's belly.
Soon baby Hanna was born.
It didn't take Kevin long to make friends at school. Soon him and a little girl named Lana became very close.
 Candace was determined to be there more for her daughter than she was with Kevin. So this time no tours for Candace over Hanna's birthday,

 She also managed to be there for Kevin's teenage birthday.


  1. Challenge notes: I decided to start with a generation 0 just to do sort of a prologue back story kind of thing for generation 1. I'm also trying out something a little new in that I'm going to do Generation chapters and Transition chapters. Generation chapters will focus on what every generation I'm currently on and the transition chapters will be when the Heir becomes a teenager and I turn the focus toward starting the heir's story and finishing the previous generations story.

  2. Great start! They look like a very nice family. And wow, what a house! =) Looking forward to seeing more from them.