Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Generation 1.2 The First Time I Saw Your Face

"It's perfect!" Lana told her husband as she looked up at their new house "It's just like I imagined!"
"I'm glad you like it," Kevin told his wife as he pulled her close.
 Kevin decided it would be nice to get some photos of Lana pregnant in the new house.

It wasn't long before little Rosa Nadia Tobin was home.

Before long Rosa was a toddler.

And soon ready to start school.

Soon Lana and Kevin were expecting their second child. Rosa couldn't have been happier.

 Soon Kevin and Lana brought their new daughter Monica Lucille home.
 Little Rosa absolutely loved the camera anytime her dad would bring it out she would do just about anything to get him to take pictures of her.
 Before long Monica was a toddler.
 Rosa loved her little sister very much.

And Lana and Kevin entered their elder years.

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  1. Challenge notes: not a very exciting chapter but I promise their will be more exciting things in the next chapter. Also Rosa is teen now but I forgot to get a picture... also I had Kevin retire and he is supposedly getting a pension of about -$6,000... I don't know how that's supposed to work but we'll see.