Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Generation 1.3

After her teenage birthday Rosa took a trip to the local park. There weren't many places for just teens to hang out in Simlua Isles. But while she was there she saw another teen there.
"Hi" she said to him " I'm Rosa I don't think I've seen you around here before."
"My family just moved here from  Twinbrook and I'm Evan."
"Nice to meet you Evan. So what school will you be going to?"
"I think my mom put me in the culinary school... I have no idea why though. I would have much rather gone to the public school or the arts school in town.... I really want to make it big someday."
"Really? Me too! I want to be an actress when I grow up. My mom and dad don't see it though. My grandma was a singer back in Storybrook."
"Wow that's so cool!" Evan said "I haven't decided if I want to act or direct or really what I want to do! There are so many possibilities!"
"So how do you like it here so far?" Rosa asked
"It's better now that your here." Evan said
woah was he hitting on her... Rosa had never had a boy really even give her a 2nd look let alone start hitting on her...not like there were really any other boys her age anyway.
"Thanks" Rosa said blushing.
They talked for hours and before they knew it. It was dark outside.
"I should probably get going... my mom will get worried...." Evan said.
"Yea me too." Rosa said although she didn't really want to leave.
"Umm before I go... I know I'm like super new to town and stuff but I heard that prom is coming up...and I wasn't going to go but now that I met you.... I was wondering.... umm.. if you would...maybe... go with me?"
Rosa had completely forgotten about prom... and was this good looking really cute guy she just met really asking her to prom...
"Sure I'd love to go with you." Rosa said.
"OK great! So what do you think about getting together tomorrow after school and maybe discuss the details.?" Evan asked.
"How about we get together for dinner tomorrow? That way I can get a dress tomorrow afternoon." Rosa suggested.
"OK see you then."
Evan leaned in and Rosa was sure he was about to kiss her but then he just wrapped her into a very big hug.
Rosa immediately called her best friend Helen.
"Hey Helen It's Rosa. Do you think you could meet me at my place in like 20 minutes I need to talk to you."
"Yea sure I'll be right there"
Helen showed up at within a few minutes of Rosa getting home. The two girls went up to Rosa's room. Changed into their PJ's and started tallking
"So you met him and he pretty much asked you to prom?" Helen asked
"yea pretty much. I know I just met him but... I don't know something just felt so right about it." Rosa said not able to stop smiling.

The next day after school the girls went prom dress shopping.
"Is that the dress your going to get?" Rosa asked Helen
"Yea I think so. But not if your getting the dress your wearing there way to close in color." Helen said
"No this dress isn't for prom. I found one but this is for my date tonight with Evan. That's part of the reason I came over here. I need to go meet him. I'll see you tomorrow." Rosa said.
"I feel like it's been forever since I last saw you." Evan said as he pulled Rosa in close.
"You just saw me yesterday." Rosa said laughing.
"Right. So are you ready for prom on wednesday?" Evan asked.
"Yup can't wait! I got my dress today." Rosa said not able to keep a smile off her face.
"Well, I can't wait to see it." Evan said."Here I have something for you"
Evan pulled a jewelry box out of his pocket. Rosa gave him a slight smile and opened the box. Inside the box was a beautiful silver heart locket.
"Oh my..." Rosa said "Evan it's beautiful."
"You should wear it to prom."
"I'll wear it all the time. Thank you." Rosa said
"I love you." Evan said.
"I love you too." Their wasn't even a second of hesitation in Rosa's mind.
That night Rosa went home and put on her prom dress again. I can't believe I'm actually doing this. She thought to herself.

 "You look beautiful" Evan said when he got to Rosa's house for prom.
"Thanks" she said "You don't look so bad yourself"
After all the pictures had been taken the couple headed off to prom.

Monica's birthday also happened to fall on prom night. So unfortunately her older sister missed her party.
 "I had a really good time tonight" Rosa said coming up for a breath of air while making out with Evan.
"Me too. I don't know about you but I feel like our night isn't over yet." Evan said
"I think your right." Rosa said as she wrapped her legs around Evan's hips and he carried her off to the bed.

"I got a call today form the dribbleline sports academy." Kevin started "There interested in Monica coming to there school."
"We were planning on sending her to the sports acdemy here when she became a teen. If dribbline is interested in her I don't see why we shouldn't let her go." Lana said. "If she wants to go that is."
"We can talk to her and Rosa in the morning for now lets go to bed"
"I didn't push you too far last night. Did I?" Evan asked.
"No." Rosa said "I liked it."
"Good" Evan said as he rolled over and began to kiss her again.
"Girls, your father and I have something we need to talk to you about." Lana said.
"What is it?" Rosa asked. Slightly worried they might have heard what had gone on in her room last night.
"Monica has been scouted by the Dribbleline Sports Academy." Kevin said. Monica's face instantly broke into a smile.
"Really? They want me?" she said. 
"I'm taking that as a yes that you want to go then." Lana said.
"Yes! Yes of course I want to go!" Monika said.
Even though Rosa was happy for little sister it was the reminder that she was growing up to.
Kevin and Lana went to help Monika get moved in and settled at her new school and do the whole parent orientation thing. Almost right after they left Rosa began to feel very sick. She couldn't help but remember what happened just a few night before. With her parents out of the house she didn't even have to try and hide what she doing.
After she got dressed she called Evan and asked him to come over.

When he arrived he went straight up to her room out of habit. He bent down to kiss her but Rosa stopped him.
"Are you OK?" Evan asked.
"No... yes.... I'm not really sure..." Rosa replied.
"What's going on?" Evan said.
"I'm pregnant."
"You're what?" Evan asked.
"I'm pregnant."
"You're pregnant! but... what about becoming famous... what about all our plans..." Evan said.
"I'm not giving up on any of those." Rosa said "This is just a small roadblock."
"A baby is not a small roadblock! it's a complete stopping point! I can't do this... I'm sorry Rosa but I'm done." Evan said as he turned out and walked out of the door.
"But I thought you said you loved me!" Rosa shouted after him as he walked out the door and she began to cry.
Rosa walked over to the mirror in her room and put her hand on her already growing stomach. Don't listen to him baby I will always love you.
Next step was telling her parents.
"Mom, I'm pregnant"
"You're what?" Lana asked her daughter.
"I'm sorry mom. I'm really sorry. Please don't hate me..." Rosa said into the phone beginning to cry
"Ok, Rosa calm down. Have you told Evan yet? It is his right?"
"Yes it's his and I told him and I'm pretty sure he just broke up with me..." Rosa said starting to cry again.
"Oh honey. I'm so sorry. Have you thought about what you want to..."
"I"m keeping it." Rosa said without hesitation. "Even if Evan decides he doesn't want to be in this baby's life I still want the baby to know me no questions. Helen's mom was a single mother and if she can do it so can I."
"That's very brave honey. I want you to know I respect your decision.  You'll probably have the baby before your dad and I come back do you want us to come back early and help out?"
"No you stay with Monica. I'll be fine here." Rosa said.
"Are you sure?" Lana said.
"I'm going to be a single mother. Might as well start right away." Rosa said.
"Well there is a present coming for you in the next few days." Lana said. "It was supposed to be an early graduation present but.."
"You guys just bought me a car for getting on the honor roll what else did you get me?" Rosa said although what she was thinking was why should I even get this.
A few days later she would get her answer. Her parents adopted a horse for her. The horse's name is Cinnamon.Although she still felt guilty accepting her parents gift givien her current situation. Rosa was still glad to have friend.

It wasn't long before Rosa found herself in a hospital bed. Awaiting the arrival of her baby.

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