Monday, July 9, 2012

Generation 3

After both of her parents died and Natalie Elias and Ethan moved out. Ivy was left to finsh raising the triplets she was glad they were almost teens when they all left.
 Still a teen herself Ivy was glad her boyfriend was so understanding. Unfortunately there was a bit of an age difference between Ivy and Mathew and they needed to say good bye for a while.
"I hate that we can't be together after you become a young adult" Ivy said between her tears. 
"You'll be only a few days behind me" Mathew said "It won't be long"
"It will feel like forever" Ivy said
"Stop crying Ivy, it will be OK" Mathew said even though he was trying to hold back tears of his own.
 The first thing after aging up into a young adult Ivy called Mathew and invited him over. They couldn't keep there hands off of each other!

A few days later the happy couple was engaged.
 Ivy hadn't been feeling well. She took a pregnancy test hoping it would be negative. She was shocked and immediately began to cry when she say the test said positive.
Mathew heard her start crying and ran into the bathroom.
"What is it? What's wrong?" Mathew said as he warped Ivy in his arms
"I'm pregnet" Ivy said.
"Ivy, That's great! We can handle a baby right now why are you so upset?"
"Our wedding...This is going to mess up everything" Ivy said.
"You have a dress right?" Matthew asked.
" Yes" Ivy said
"I have a tux so lets just get married tonight. We don't have to have a big fancy wedding it's really just about us."
That night they were married.
 Soon they had Elijah.

And after Elijah started school the family welcomed little Molly.

Soon Molly was a teenager and Elijah was a young adult ready to move out.
Molly had a great time at prom with her boyfriend Darius they even won prom king and queen! The best part they said I love you..
They started spending everyday together. Molly loved to spend time outside so Darius took her to a garden on the beach.
"Molly, I've been thinking... and I want you to know that your answer to these questions won't change the way I feel about you at all." Darius started.
" You're scaring me what's going on?" Molly said,
"We both want a big family right?"
" And we love each other right"
" Of course"
 "What if we started a family now... We're almost young adults I think we're ready..."
"Um... I'm a little shell shocked right now...let me think about it..." Molly said
"I want you to know that I know I'm asking a lot from you to make a commitment to a family before we're even engaged but even if you say no to having a baby I'll still love you and I still want to marry you some day." Darius said.


  1. Elijah, love that name. Ahhh, I think Molly should really think about Darius' question. What if he ends up leaving her? I hope he actually loves her :3

  2. I hope so too!

    I'm really enjoying this story :D

    I just started a legacy too:
    Check it out!